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For students, CBSE 12th board exams are presumed to be one of the most prestigious exams. Every student who wants to secure good marks in Class 12th will perform a significant role in getting college admissions and are scored everywhere throughout life. It has come in the topmost preference of each and every student. For students, the 12th class is more significant because they start planning for entrance exams like IIT JEE, NEET, and so on.

The solution to executing well in the exam aside from studying hard, gripping everything, and remembering everything correctly simultaneously with accurate study and examination, so all the efforts done by the students change into effective performance.

The knowledge of the syllabus does not help the students to gain the heights they desired that it also required thorough practice of each and every topic as we all heard the famous phrase "Practice makes a man perfect." Mock Tests and sample papers accommodate the students in such a process that helps them in time and pressure management.

TPLive is the famous online learning podium that provides free mock test resources to all the students for class 12th board exam 2021.

How Mock Test Papers Help the Students in the Preparation?

There are many way to explain how the CBSE Class 12 mock test papers can help you:

Helps you understand the pattern of the board exam - TPLive's CBSE Class 12 mock test papers are according to the latest guide of the CBSE of class 12 exams. These tests can help you to ascertain your vulnerabilities and also raise with speed and accuracy.

Helps you enhance your time management - By solving daily mock tests, you will improve your efficiency and speed. You will also get to know the segments requiring more concentration from your results. It encourages you to manage them more efficiently.

Help in your revision - To Understand the essential topics of CBSE, you need to solve the daily mock tests to observe that you can learn or recall everything throughout the examination.

Why Join TPLive Online Test Series?

TPLive provides an online test series that is free for all CBSE students. You need to visit the TPLive website, through which you can easily download the mock test paper or join the test series and solve the questions daily. TPLive provides a free test series for CBSE students who can join it across the nation. It will help them to fight with the most qualified students over the CBSE Board. It will also heighten their confidence level. The mock test papers will facilitate the students to monitor their performance and coordinate the same with nation criteria.

Test Series Based on CBSE Syllabus

CBSE online test series are genuinely prepared on the basis of the CBSE syllabus and NCERT curriculum. Now, there are two types of test series, i.e., All India Quiz Competition and Exam Readiness Series. As the title implies, the initial one is based on general topics and the other is for academics topics. The portion of the online test series will be informed in advance. Students can verify all the details by one click on the info button situated on the monitor.

Benefits of TPLive Mock Test Series

For the preparation of class 12thboard exam 2021, students spend their lot of time. Mock tests play a vital role in the victory of the CBSE exam 2021. Some importance of mock tests in the exam is mention below

  • Each and every question of the sample papers are meticulously designed by our subject experts executing these tests the most adjacent students can get to the actual matter. The mock test papers are based on the original format that helps them to take an overview of the paper pattern. That includes a variety of questions such as short & long answer type questions, frequently asked topics, marks division, etc. Through these test series, students can do better practice for the exam, and hence, they will be released from exam stress and agitation.
  • Online mock tests enlighten the students to the authentic pattern of the CBSE 12th exam.
  • Online mock test series help the students boost their speed and accuracy level in the CBSE 2021 Examination.
  • Class 12th students need to know the marking scheme of the CBSE board exam. As per the weightage of the question, students focus on it and prepare according to it.
  • Mock test helps them understand their weak topics, allowing them to proffer more time to such questions.
  • By solving the daily mock test papers, students should analyze the difficulty level of 12th exam, and accordingly, they are intellectually prepared for the exam.
  • Mock test helps the student to improve their performance and boost up the self-confidence and motivation level.
  • For the preparation of the CBSE 12th exam, one should solve online mock test papers, which helps the students learn the complete syllabus of class 12th boards that includes all the necessary tricks.
  • Mock test papers are prepared on the basis of the latest syllabus, which design by the board, and all the questions are based on the most maximum of the major topics from the subject.
  • As per the schedule of class 12th CBSE board exam 2021, students can understand the sequence of subjects and the time of the test papers.
  • All the mock test papers are available offline as well as online. Students can solve the papers from any place, anytime.

Students don't need to waste their precious time, they start the 12th preparation by joining the TPLive online mock test series, which includes the entire syllabus with the latest exam pattern and all the test papers are made by our expert faculty members, who know the importance of each and every topic.

Why is the Sample Papers Important for CBSE Examination?

Students solve the sample paper for the practice of the CBSE 12th class exam 2021. The pattern of the sample paper will be the same as the original paper. These papers help the student in preparing for the upcoming entrance exam. There are several other reasons which are given below, that's why a sample paper is essential for students to prepare for class 12th exams.

  • Through the sample paper, students can understand the pattern of the original question paper.
  • Sample paper helps them understand their weak topics, allowing them to proffer more time to such questions.
  • By solving the class 12th sample papers, students can estimate their actual preparation position in the exam.
  • When students solve the sample paper regularly, it helps them reduce the time by solving the question paper.
  • By solving sample papers, students can optimize their preparation for the CBSE exam.
  • Through, sample paper students can imply CBSE 12th syllabus with weightage. It helps them to improve their preparation according to the weightage of the topics.

CBSE Test Series:

  • Online test available
  • 60+ topic wise test
  • 30+ full syllabus test

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