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Class 12 is a leading pillar in each and every student’s life. Amidst the arrival of technology in the educational platform, various students are choosing online classes for the class 12th board exam.TPlive not only helps the students to increase their educational achievement. It also encourages them towards their objective.For the 12th class, students attend online classes to reach immense potential as it notifies them about the newest updates in learning with the comfort of access at their extremity.

Nowadays, most people, as well as students, are in the favored online learning portal. TPLive gives the best online classes for Class 12 students. We provide highly educated and expert teachers for all the major CBSE subjects. Our faculty grant lessons to students efficiently and elucidate their doubts immediately. The CBSE syllabus is essential for the preparation of competitive exams such as IIT JEE, NEET, etc. Students start preparation of IIT JEE and NEET from class 11th because it covers all the fundamental concepts and chapters in the NCERT books. TPLive mainly concentrates on developing a solid framework for IIT-JEE, NEET, and other entrance examinations through CBSE Online Coaching of classes 8th, 9th & 10th.

TPLive provides the best CBSE Coaching in Kota to classes 8 to 12 students for essential subjects such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Our expert faculty guide students with the best strategy to execute well in exams and be amidst the toppers.

Online CBSE 12th Class Preparation

As we all know, it's not so easy for all the students to take admission in a good institute for 12th board exampreparation. Many students live in outer areas where they cannot find good coaching institutesfor the preparation of CBSE class 12th. Students can do online coaching for 12th at their home rather than roaming to another city for board exam preparation. TPLive institute not only provides online coaching for the students. But they also give all the details about how to crack the 12th board exam. They are experienced tutors with years of online teaching experience and help students score the good marks in 12th CBSE board exam.

All the tutors are available to guide you for the 12th exam and provide you various tips for smart study. For any queries, you can contact TPLive Kota and receive a positive approach from our team.

TPLive provide CBSE Live Course for Class 12th

Nowadays, students have to join the live online classes by expert TPLive faculty at the comfort of their residence. They can select any subject from Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Biology to increase the preparation CBSE 12th board exam from the house.

  • Students join the CBSE live online classes by expert TPLive faculty at the comfort of their residence.
  • Students can ask any doubts during the live classes and receive an explanation from the tutors
  • Through that, students can estimate their achievement with daily online mock tests
  • Through TPLive, students can obtain extra study material in pdf, module, and ebook format
  • If students can a missed class as several times as they need for more immeasurable revision

Why TPLive is the Best CBSE Classes in Kota?

  • Moderate - TPLive can be affordable for every student, and it charges a reasonable price from them. It is an online coaching institute or tuitions that students always want to opt for.
  • Flexible - All the subjects related to CBSE board exams are available on TPLive website. Students can easily obtain from anywhere or anytime with the help of any digital equipment. There is no need for the students to leave their home town and live some other places to receive the best quality education, but now the expertise of TPLive can be available for them at their residence.
  • Premium Quality Content - TPLive is the digital version of the leading and accredited experience and legacy of TPLive online coaching and consequently, all the content is produced from the aided and well-qualified teachers of the coaching itself.
  • Doubt Illumination- Students can ask a doubt anytime, or they can solve their doubts by watching recorded lectures.
  • Multi-Device - There is no requirement to invest a huge amount to purchase any specific technical devices to get the courses of TPLive. Students can get the online courses on any device, i.e., mobile, desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.

Why Choose TPLiveCBSE Study Material?

We give you a valid reason to accept/Believe that why CBSE Class 12th study material of TPLive Kota is the best all over India.

Easy to Understand: While preparing the study material, the faculties make sure to elaborate all the points in the topic as simple as possible so that every student can grab the concepts effortlessly without any confusion.

Top faculties of Kota:TPLive Kota study material is prepared by their top faculties. Students can prepare for the 12yh board exam with the TPLive study material in an easy & enjoyable manner without paying any penny for the study material

Vivid examination: It's significant for the students that the study material they select covered all the topics and explain them in an elaborative manner.

So, do not waste your time. Start your preparation for board Exam with the help of TPLive study material, and students can download NCERT study material for free from the TPLive Kota website.


Q1. Which coaching is better for CBSE online crash course?

A1.TPLive is the best online coaching for the preparation of class 12th crash course 2021 is more suitable for you 12th board exam 2021 because it includes all topic, Short and simple tricks to solve the question and comprises the entire NCERT Syllabus.

Q2. How beneficial is TPLive CBSE 12th Online Course 2021?

A2.TPLive designed the course according to the student's requirements, through which they can easily revise their complete syllabus and solve their doubts.

Q3. Which Institute's online course are the most beneficial for the CBSE Board exam preparation 2021?

A3.For the online video lectures of CBSE board exam preparation 2021, students should go with TPLive. They provide a different terrace to the brlliant students along with the expert faculty. Moreover, you will receive a 24x7 complete guide from the TPLive team. Currently, they are the best video lecture providers across the nation.

CBSE Live Online Course:

  • 760 lecture hours
  • 180 hours doubts removal sessions
  • 250+ topic wise test
  • 36+ complete test
  • Complete study material
  • All session recorded
  • Two way communication
  • Small batch size

Live Course CBSE
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