TPLive provides CBSE online coaching classes for 6th class students proposes to set the best foundation for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) students directly from the source. We provide the best notes that are based on the NCERT syllabus for Class 6 that is accompanied by every CBSE school all over the nation. Guided by former IITians and graduates who are qualified from the best universities in India, our study schedules for Class 6 students are well planned and provide them with a riveting and interactive educational experience.

Class 6 is a vital move in the education track of a student. While the child graduates from primary school to secondary school, the 6th class is where students prevailed the foundation for the essential concepts of Maths, Science and other different subjects which are included in higher detail in higher classes. It is assumed that students have previously studied writing, reading, mathematics, and other basic abilities in primary school. In a secondary school that begins from Class 6, they are added to subjects that can one day aid them to achieve their education and career aims later.

The government has launched New Education Policy 2020 for class 6 to 8 students that have been described as the Middle Stage of Education that will concentrate on experiential education in Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts. Now, class 6 students will not have to attend school exams. The schools will utilize formative assessments to examine student's conceptual accuracy, critical thinking, and higher-order reasoning skills. TPLive online CBSE coaching classes for 6th class students have been changed by the most qualified teachers and academic specialists in India to continue with the NEP instruction for Middle School students.

The formative assessments are usually in the form of homework, oral tests, assignments, projects, storytelling, dictation, quizzes, elocution, class tests, and memory tests rather than written exams. Therefore, TPLive CBSE Class 6 materials have also been updated to revise the latest improvements in teaching all over the nation Indian schools affiliated to the CBSE board. We also give CBSE Class 6 answers for all the common textbooks utilized in schools.

Online Video Lectures for CBSE Class 6 & 7 Students

TPLive’s online video lectures for Class 6 & 7 students are pretty successful. They are entertaining, pleasant, and illustrate concepts in simple language. We combine multimedia components, and they help you understand things more promptly.

How should CBSE students study in the 6th class ?

  • A timetable is definitely essential to read adequately and efficiently. Your timetable should consider all the subjects you will cover each and every day. And set the time for play, eat, exercise, and rest in your study plan.
  • Make notes at the time of taking the class and embellish on the major points that you have noted later. That will reinforce the information in your mind it also helps you to recognize the topics, which you have not fully understood.
  • Do a Practice of all diagrams. Diagrams support you retain all the information and get it in perspective.
  • Study each and every topic. Never skip a topic because you think it is not essential. Class 6 syllabus is planned to set the foundation for higher classes. Dropping these basics may cause you trouble later.

Subject-wise CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 & 7

The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is the several selected education boards in India. CBSE syllabus includes all the theoretical basic fundamental concepts that Class 6 & 7 students need to understand for their grade and step of education. Students who need to look for the JEE exam, the NEET exam next, prefer the CBSE syllabus across different education boards.

In Class 6 and 7, CBSE students have to read these five focus subjects, i.e.:

  • Science
  • Maths
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Social Science

Forthwith, Coding has also been including a compulsory subject from 6th class onwards. Students have to study three languages in school, two of which have to be indigenous to India.

TPLive Study Material for CBSE Class 6 students

We provide highly qualified teachers who have outstanding educational experience and have graduated from the best colleges and universities all over India. They have made this study material to assist 6th & 7th class students begin their academic adventure on the right foot .

This study material defines every concept in an easy and interesting way. They can verify to be very beneficial in revisions and can aid you to obtain good marks in class. We believe that our study material can touch fresh minds to perceive the Science and Maths as their friends in their journey of the globe .

CBSE Class 6 Books

As you all know, that different schools serve different textbooks for Class 6. Although, every textbook covers the core CBSE subjects. Since your school has not given the book list still, you can download the NCERT textbooks from the CBSE official website. NCERT textbooks for Class 6 are your most reliable references as they are composed of the CBSE curriculum.

TPLive study material comprises all the topics specifying in the CBSE maths and science syllabus. If you join our online CBSE coaching classes, after that, you don't require to buy any reference book. You may inquire your teachers for the most relevant reference books you can utilize for extra practice.

Follow NCERT Answers for CBSE Class 6 Textbooks

We provide gradually and explanation answers for usual CBSE Class 6 textbooks. These answers can encourage you to do your homework and also do the preparation for your tests and exams. You can relate to our textbook answers at any moment you get abandoned. At that time, also when you are unable to find the question in the NCERT answers, you can examine it on the Q&A discussion or our online class. TPLive helps you to acquire the correct solution and help to use some tricks to solve the question easily and grasp the concept clearly.

CBSE Live Online Course:

  • 760 lecture hours
  • 180 hours doubts removal sessions
  • 250+ topic wise test
  • 36+ complete test
  • Complete study material
  • All session recorded
  • Two way communication
  • Small batch size

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