NEET Recorded Lectures

The Video Lectures help the students in the preparation of the NEET exam. We all know that the NTA (National Testing Agency) assembles the NEET 2021 exam every year for students that is an entrance examination for those students who wish to take admission in top medical colleges and universities.The number of students appearing for the NEET exam rises every year. It simultaneously shoots up the competition level among the students.

In India, there are many NEET 2021 coaching institutes. Through this online education, portals charge a tremendous price for preparing NEET, but some students cannot afford that much. They want to do preparation without paying a huge amount. For those students, the facilities of online coaching classes for NEET 2021 are more appropriate decisions. With secure access to the Internet, studying through the online NEET 2021 coaching classes is not as difficult for students.

NEET 2021: Online Video Lectures

Our coaching institute provides an online NEET video lecture. These lectures are assembled by our experienced faculties. Our faculty members try to cover all the relevant points and facts in the video lectures that help the students to increase the knowledge and skills. These video lectures help the students in learning different tricks to solvethe questions. All the basic concepts related to NEET are explained by our experienced faculties that help them score good marks in the NEET exam 2021.


TPLive provides video lectures of physics that wrap the entire syllabus, which includes topics such as Electromagnetic Induction, Laws of Motion, Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation, Properties of Bulk Matter, Electrostatics, Electromagnetic Waves, Behaviour of Perfect Gas & Kinetic Theory, and so on.

Through these lectures, students can enhance their concepts in all the topics and understand all the fundamental theory that helps them to prepare for NEET exam.


The NEET video lectures wrap all the topics of chemistry such as Hydrogen, Equilibrium, Alcohol, Molecular Structure, P-Block Elements, Chemical Kinetics, Surface Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, Coordination Compounds, Electro Chemistry, and so on. In these videos, our experienced faculties try to build all the concepts as simple as possible. It helps the students to understand effectively.


While making video lectures on biology, the main objective of our faculty members is to clarify all the basic fundamental concepts of the students. Through these lectures, they explicit all the queries that occur at the time of self-study.

NEET includes various topics such as Reproduction, Plant Physiology, Diversity in Living World, Human Physiology, Ecology & Environment, Cell Structure & Function, Biology & Human Welfare, etc. Through these video lectures, students can increase their speed by learning new tricks that help them to solve strenuous questions in the examination.

TPLive Provide Online Video Lectures, Study Material, Sample Papers, and Free Mock Tests Series for NEET 2021

  • Provide free online video lectures of NEET syllabus.
  • TPLive provides free online test series and mock tests to the students.
  • TPLive provides free Study Materials and E-books to the students in the form of PDFs.
  • TPLive provides the best faculties to solve the doubts and give the best tips to prepare for the NEET exam 2021 and score good marks.
  • Students can easily use pen drives and DVDs for preparation.

Essential Advantages of Video Lectures

  • Students can complete their video lectures according to their time preferences. They can use their time effectively and efficiently in their studies.
  • Students can re-watch, undo and pause the video lecture at the time of making their notes, solving the questions. These lectures help them to understand the strenuous topic effectively & efficiently. So, students cannot find any problem in the examination.
  • When students prepare for the NEET exam, video lectures perform the same task as compare to the best books.
  • Nowadays, online video lectures are becoming a very famous source among the students preparing for NEET 2021.
  • Our video lectures help the students to save their precious time and expenditure.
  • In our video lectures, students can do a variety of questions with their solutions. These questions cover all the syllabus of the NEET exam 2021.


Q1. Can video lectures help the students to improve their marks in the NEET exam 2021?

A1. Nowadays, every student is starting their studies with the help of video lectures. The only difference between books and video lectures is that you have to learn and understand yourself from the book, whereas in an online video lecture, a tutor explains the subject. Yes, video lectures can help you to recover your marks as compare to the previous year. Students can use video lectures at the time of the revision, get to know the subject beforehand, and help them fix their missing topic in class, and it also helps them strengthen their weak subject.

Q2. Which Institute's online video lectures are the most suitable for the NEET preparation 2021?

A2. For the online video lectures of NEET preparation 2021, students should go with TPLive. They provide a different terrace to the medical students along with the expert faculty of NEET. Moreover, you will receive a 24x7 complete guide from the TPLive team. Currently, they are the best video lecture providers across the nation.

Q3. Where students get the best video lectures of NEET preparation for class 11th?

A3. If students want to start their NEET preparation from class 11th, you should decide on the best online coaching for your NEET exam 2021. Now you have to concentrate on your academic and medical entrance exam. A student should select TPLive as they are rendering the most excellent study material for NEET and academics. And simultaneously, you will get a 24x7 complete guide to clear your queries.

NEET Recorded Lectures:

  • Kota best experts lecture
  • Worksheet with study
  • TP provides valuable academic content prepared by Kota experts

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