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Best Faculty Of Maths Olympiads In Kota

TPLive provides the best Olympiad coaching online in India. It supports school students to discover maths or science (or the subject they are targeting) in an interesting way. Offered by ex-IITians and highly qualified and experienced teachers, the Olympiad Coaching Program is a solid building block for students who have a passion for science.

Designed by top Olympiad entrance coaching experts in India, study materials and tests are perfectly complemented by the one-to-one live classes TPLive offers to prepare school students for Regional Olympiads, National Olympiads to International Olympiads.

Highlights of Online Olympiads Coaching by TPLive

  • Ex-IITians and Highly qualified Tutors – As we all know, IIT conducts an extremely competitive examination to choose the best minds from India and groom them to excel in whatever they do. At TPLive, we have a strong team of over 100 ex-Titians who share the passion to pass on this knowledge legacy to students while they are still young and have the power to learn better. Each of the tutors on our panel is chosen after many rounds of stringent subject tests and trained regularly to be renewed about the Olympiad syllabus and pattern and the latest teaching assistance and technology developments, which they can utilize for their students. To make sure about the study of science, mathematics, and many more interesting subjects.
  • 150 Hours of Live one-to-one Virtual Classes – For Olympiad training, TPLive currently only offers one-to-one sessions where you get your teacher's full attention. These live virtual classes enable you to interact with your teacher in real-time utilizing a chatbox, understand them to speak and discuss with them, and resolve queries with them by utilizing the computer screen as an interactive whiteboard gives.
  • Holistic Study Material – One of the most important components of the program, the Olympiad study material is designed by former IIT professors and IIT alumni to cover the entire syllabus in an easily digestible manner. It is written in simple English and to-the-point approach.
  • Unique Test Series – A team of 20 ex-IITitian and ex-IIT professors conducts a detailed analysis of the Olympiad pattern, syllabus, and trends and prepares a unique set of 10 tests for your class and level of the Olympiad in which you are about to enter. Regular tests are conducted every Saturday for you to practice and evaluate your progress. The percentile rank of the students is also declared based on how the students perform in comparison to other students enrolled in similar programs at TPLive.
  • Flexible Class Timings – Classes are usually scheduled after school hours as per the convenience of the students and teachers.
  • Recordings of Live Classes –Students never miss classes at TPLive. Whenever you miss a class, we save links to class recordings in your account. You can access it as many times as you want during or after the course. These also prove to be excellent resources for revision.

How can TPLive help you?

TPLive offers unique and affordable packages to prepare students for the Regional Mathematical Olympiad. These cover regional Mathematical Olympiad past papers with answers as well as test papers with accurate and accurate Regional Mathematical Olympiad answer keys. The comprehensive RMO study material offered at TPLive covers all the topics included in the RMO curriculum.

Why Join Us?

Today's world is very competitive that children are always looking for something where tutors can explain the concepts better to make their base clear and strong. This will support them to challenge the competition and always stay ahead.

Hence, motivating the students as well as building a strong foundation is the motto of our Live Olympiad classes.

Our unique features:

  • We are the first organization in India to start Live Olympiad Classes, which focus on Olympiad preparation.
  • Before commencing the classes, a demo and interaction session is also held with the students and parents so they can understand the Olympiad classes in detail.
  • The courses have been given a nominal fee so that all the students can take advantage of the lectures.
  • Learners always look for mentors who can perform the subject easily for them to know. Therefore, we have known teachers with relevant backgrounds and experience who understand the nuances of Olympiads and can also explain it to the students in an efficient manner.
  • We are always trying to make the classrooms better with regular feedback from parents and students.


How can tutors help students improve their score and skills in Math Olympiad?

There are several ways students can enhance their abilities in Math Olympiad. But expert math olympiad teachers in TPLive can aid:

  • Emphasize conceptual knowledge over the process.
  • Increase self-confidence in the student.
  • Give a positive attitude about Math Olympiad.
  • Promote questioning and make time for curiosity.
  • Provide authentic difficulties that enhancing students' drive to engage with Math Olympiad.

How Do I Enter Maths Olympiad?

To enter the Maths Olympiad, you have to appear for the Maths exam of the Indian Talent Olympiad. The organization held both online and offline Olympiads. The International Mathematics Olympiad, popularly known as IMO, is open to students from class 1 to class 10. Students can enroll through their particular schools or participate in person. There is no need to apply for this exam. Students can contact their maths teacher through the website of the Indian Talent Olympiad or can also register for the weekly test series.

What Is The Syllabus Of Maths Olympiad?

The syllabus of the Maths Olympiad is the equivalent which is guided by the respective schools. Also known as International Mathematics Olympiad or IMO, these are organized by the Indian Talent Olympiad. The syllabus provides to all the boards namely State Board, CBSE Board, and ICSE Board. The complexity of the questions is based on the class of the students. Overall, the course covers number theory, subtraction, addition, algebra, geometry, data handling, trigonometry, areas, quadrilaterals, theorems, fractions, decimals, etc. The class-wise syllabus can be found on the syllabus page of the Indian Talent Olympiad.

How Many Levels Are There In Maths Olympiad?

The number of levels in the Maths Olympiad is based on the organization which is conducting the exam. The Indian Talent Olympiad organizes it on a single level. It presents immense practice before the final exam. Students can practice different types of questions through online test series, also known as weekly tests, at home. The final exams are scheduled to be taken in December and February, respectively. To apply for this, Olympiad the participants have to register themselves on the official website of the Indian Talent Olympiad and be a bit of this significant exam. Students from class I to X can participate in it.

Foundation Live Online Course:

  • 760 lecture hours
  • 180 hours doubts removal sessions
  • 250+ topic wise test
  • 36+ complete test
  • Complete study material
  • All session recorded
  • Small batch size


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