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In every student’s academic life, CBSE Class 12 plays a vital role. The scores you achieve in Class 12 perform a significant part in taking college or university admissions, and these marks will be added everywhere during your life. Each and every student wishes the score good grades on their 12th report card. That's why achieving well in CBSE Class 12 board exams is the leading preference of all the students for which several students get to join the online CBSE coaching.

Every parent wishes that their child gets the best education and can be assured that they are well satisfied through that they can achieve a rank for which they have to fulfil their future dreams.A student is ineludibly in a proper environment, either they live in the school or outside the school. Education will depend on each and every principle that a student can assume what his future will be similar to. Students need to be provided with accessible and affordable education for a good learning environment that motivates them to ask the doubts and queries with faculty members in between or after the class.TPLive provides the best CBSE Coaching in Kota to classes 8 to 12 students for essential subjects such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Our expert faculty guide students with the best strategy to execute well in exams and be amidst the toppers.

TPLive Provide Video Lectures for CBSE Class 12 Students

Video lectures play a vital role in our CBSE online coaching Institute for 12th Class students. We provide regular online classes for Class 12 students where they can communicate with our experienced teachers and ask their doubts and questions without any difficulty. We also prepare a pre-recorded video lectures for the 12th class students can repeatedly see the video lecture and revise the fundamental concepts several times. Our video lectures involve creative education ideas that are not enough to make education exciting for the students but, it also promotes them to pursue an everyday learning agenda.

What are the Benefits of Video Lectures?

  • Students can complete their video lectures according to their time preferences. They can use their time effectively and efficiently in their studies.
  • Students can re-watch, undo and pause the video lecture at the time of making their notes, solving the questions. These lectures help them to understand the strenuous topic effectively & efficiently. So, students cannot find any problem in the examination.
  • When students prepare for the CBSE class 12th board exam, video lectures perform the same task as compare to the best books.
  • Nowadays, online video lectures are becoming a very famous source among the students preparing for board exam.
  • Our video lectures help the students to save their precious time and expenditure.
  • In our video lectures, students can do a variety of questions with their solutions. These questions cover all the syllabus of class 12th.

TPLive 12th Class CBSE Board Course

When student study late at night and they are unable to solve their doubt at that moment, but now, they don't need to worry about their doubt. TPLive provides a teacher 24x7 to solve their doubt on any subject such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, and Mathematics and clear their concepts by observing recorded video lectures.

  • Students can clear their concepts effectively and efficiently anytime, anywhere with the help of watching Recorded Video Lectures.
  • They can examine their performance with integrated tests and mock test paper
  • Quickly solve their doubt by asking the faculty.
  • Course is also available in the form of PDF or in SD cards there is no need for internet.
  • Students can access the courses from any of the devices.

TPLive Provide Online Video Lectures, Recorded Video Lectures, Study Material, and Free Tests Series for CBSE 12 Board Exam 2021

  • Provide free online video lectures of class 12th syllabus.
  • TPLive provides free online test series and mock tests to the students.
  • TPLive provides free Study Materials and E-books to the students.
  • TPLive provides the best faculties to solve the doubts and give the best tips to prepare for 12th board exam 2021.
  • Students can easily use pen drives and DVDs


Q1. Can video lectures help the students to improve their marks in the CBSE 12th board exam 2021?

A1.Nowadays, every student is starting their studies with the help of video lectures. The only difference between books and video lectures is that you have to learn and understand yourself from the book, whereas in an online video lecture, a tutor explains the subject. Yes, video lectures can help you to recover your marks as compare to the previous year. Students can use video lectures at the time of the revision, get to know the subject beforehand, and help them fix their missing topic in class, and it also helps them strengthen their weak subject.

Q2. Which Institute's online video lectures are the most suitable for the CBSE Board exam preparation 2021?

A2.For the online video lectures of CBSE boardexam preparation 2021, students should go with TPLive. They provide a different terrace to the brlliant students along with the expert faculty. Moreover, you will receive a 24x7 complete guide from the TPLive team. Currently, they are the best video lecture providers across the nation.

Q3. Where students get the best video lectures of CBSE board exam preparation for class 12th?

A3.If students want to start your preparation, then you should decide on the best online coaching for your board exam 2021. Now you have to concentrate on your academic exam. A student should select TPLive as they are rendering the most excellent study material for NEET academics. And simultaneously, you will get a 24x7 complete guide to clear your queries.

Q4. Can I take demo classes before paying for live classes?

A4.Yes, TPLive provides demo videos to the students. You should attend the online demo videos classes of the tutors you prefer, and you can also inquire us for further details.

Q5. If I miss any lecture, will I receive a recorded variant of my live class?

A5. Yes, TPLive offers students a recorded video lecture, through which they can easily cover classes in which they are unable to attend.

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