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Later the 10th board exam, the next step is the 12th class board exam is the next event in the trip of learning. Student's whole career depends upon the CBSE Class 12 results and whatever they desire to proceed in their future. Obtaining good marks in the class 12 board exam will heighten the student’s confidence.

Self-study is the most significant feature when it gets to exam preparation. Students learned concerning the surprises of what the manner of self-studying can do to increase student marks. In case, in a maximum of the interviews of the toppers we study, the pressure on the inadequacy of self-study for progress is not something different. But several students eternally find it tough to commence the preparation of self-studying on their own and forever wonder where to commence.
TPLive included most of the essential parts of the syllabus, but without revision within a good self-study plan, all of it will go down the consumption.

Benefits of Online Coaching

Online coaching can be an excellent decision both for the teacher as well as the students. Here we explain some of the advantages of online coaching that play a vital role in the educational life of a student:

  • 1. Acquaint students to strenuous topics:Students who have a hard time learning complicated topics require relying on online education for more immeasurable accuracy on the subject. It is here that online coaching can aid the student to endure tough subject which wants for more consideration.

  • 2. Provides immediate help for home assignments:Some students want immediate guidance for performing homework while these assignments have an unfair influence on their marks. An online teacher aids students to explain complicated subjects with comfort and decreases the anxiety level of students. Subsequently, students are in a superior situation to finish the homework on time and keep pace and concentrate on their education.

  • 3. Provides supervision to endure with exam stress: Usually, some students are slanted to seem emphasized and enhanced enthusiastic throughout term exams due to enforcement stress. They feel stressed as they want to learn both complicated and easy queries all earlier during the exams. As a result, they do not understand that this pressure might influence their performance throughout the exams.

Online coaching, which is easily acquirable, can aid students to serve complicated subjects with comfort and help them in control throughout the exams. A student who has good conceptual knowledge is likely to remain confident and score well during the exam.

Are you scanning for an online teacher for your child? Your research ends here! At TPLive, we join you with the right teachers who are highly qualified to make studying a pleasant experience for your child.

How to Start Reading for a Board Exam in 6 Months?

  • Check the 12th class NCERTsyllabus and marking scheme, and comprehend the subjects with their weightage in the board exams. By doing all these things, you begin with the subject that has the highest scoring weightage.
  • If you want to read the initial chapters (which have less weightage) to have a clear basic fundamental concept, do not avoid them. Inquire them before you reach the highest weightage subjects.
  • Complete a subject wholistic. Acquire all the concepts properly, discern their practical purpose and then solve exercise questions correlated to it.
  • After that, you should go towards the low weightage topics and do the related method.
  • Later finishing the complete syllabus of a topic, then solve mock tests and sample papers or last year's question papers.

If you want any type of help from a teacher, choose a particular teacher related to the subject. Still, you are studying online tutoring, then try to adhere to a particular tutor for every topic. Hearing various tutors can bewilder you more.

Preparation Tips for Class 12th Students

Students usually get distraught although preparing for board exams, and you are not able to understand how to complete the 12th syllabus in 6 months. So here, TPLive gives some crucial study tips for 12th board exam preparation.

Follow NCERT Textbooks - When you have only the last six months of preparation for Class 12th CBSE board exams, you require to shorten your study material. Start your learning through the Class 12 NCERT books. At this peek point, you do not want to use any other reference books and notes as you have a restricted time period.

Avoid Diversions - There are various things like social media, mobile phones, and television that can distract your mind and interrupt your focus on your studies, so you should always avoid such things yet, you are preparing for the board exams.

Make Proper Timetable - Before commencing the board exam preparation, you must have to make a complete timetable that includes all the subjects and the revisions time.

Solve CBSE Sample Papers - Rather than utilizing the serendipitous sample papers that are available online, you can practice through the CBSE Sample papers and last year's question papers for preparation.

Revise Accurately - Examine your errors that occur in the mock tests and comprise them throughout revisions. Utilize self-reliant notes at the time of revision if it is possible.

Practice Formulating a Large Scoring Explanation - Proffer consideration to your solution remembrance and make an effort to promote it. Compare your answer key to the topper's answer copies to comprehend their answer’s presentation technique. Avoid utilizing contractions and strive to create tables, diagrams, flowcharts wherever possible.

Stay fit and Healthy - Superintend your wellness as over-exerting yourself can worsen your well-being. You don't want to waste a few days staying sick and improving rather than appropriating time.

Focussed while Studying - Obtain the most suitable usage of your reading time by enhancing your concentration. You do not concentrate on the abundance of hours and converge on the subjects you have studied and how well you learned them.

We give online classes for high school and college students concerning all subjects. Teachers, in addition to teaching theories, will also personally advise students in academic and co-curricular areas.

CBSE Self Study Course:

  • TP E- learning tab
  • Recorded lectures by Kota experts
  • Complete study package (Material)
  • All test series
  • Doubt solving platform

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