CBSE One to One Live Classes

TPLive's faculties are picked later a meticulous interview method - only the most expert, qualified tutors get the final portion. Our CBSE teachers are specialists in the subjects and have vast expertise in educating students from across the world. We grant live one-to-one classes personalized to your qualifications, assuring that you get the teacher's complete concentration. From picking up on a subject to take additional support over your companions, our classes will encourage you to go the new measure.

Online education is the method of education in a digital environment through that teachers and students attach with each other of diverse areas by an online tool. Online coaching is flawlessly a reflection of the various utilization of the Internet.

TPLive CBSE Online Coaching Classes

What makes TPLive famous among all the 12th class students is that the schedule is planned according to the comfort of the students while giving quality guidance, with no agreements. Examine each and every piece of information that aspirants need to grasp about CBSE coaching classes.

What Makes us Unique?

  • Provides immediate customized virtual classroom.
  • Extremely proficient teachers all over the important subjects.
  • Effective utilization of convertible whiteboard.
  • Teaching technique is on the basis of student and teacher agreeable education style.
  • Declared academic improvement for the students.
  • Growth has given by periodical evaluations and appraisals.

Why is online one to one tutor?

Online coaching is the prospect of private tutoring at your extremity. Utilizing innovative technology to build virtual classrooms, we guide mutually expert teachers and students of every level and topic. In our Digital classroom, the teacher and the student view and communicate to each other as they do in the actual classroom, additionally, you can also split a whiteboard through a writing tablet, and you get all these luxuries in your residence. Never mind where students are live across the world. They only need a book a tutorial concourse while that suits them.

Why TPLive for Live CBSE Online Coaching Class?

We at TPLive's, encourage holistic education procedure with TPLiveCBSE online classroom program. The main objective of the coaching institute is to provide complete learning knowledge for the young aspirants who want to score good marks in 12th board exam. The appropriate online aspect represents a widespread digital transformation, with all coaching institutes constantly changing their learning techniques from regular classroom sessions to e-learning, and you can say digital learning, encouraging the importance of offline classes.

TPLive is an excellent coaching institute for those students who look ahead to continuing with e-learning classes, admitting high-quality education while not negotiating on quality education. They enjoy CBSE 12 online classes, which are prepared by TPLive, and face the most difficult challenges to crack CBSE board exam 2021.

Don’t drop the opportunity of getting trained at the country’s most elegant coaching institutes with the all-new TPLive online classroom program. We give all sources that are required to crack the 12th board exam 2021.

Purpose of Online Tutoring

TPLive provides one-to-one online tuition are estimating that it is one of the most beneficial opportunities to discuss all kinds of academic queries for intermediate and secondary students. Education is an efficient method that connects the slot among students and all people who learn in school. Many of the CBSE board subjects usually involve complex topics, so that students have to choose online tuition to understand strenuous concepts efficiently.

Online coaching plays an essential part in creating the student's academic life that is convenient to use computers and the internet intelligently. Online teachings are considered beneficial since they assist in conserving time, enthusiasm, and transportation cost of the students and the teachers.

Subject-wise: CBSE Class 12th Online Classes

Online classes provide an adequate solution to students who have an in-depth knowledge of the various theories of their subjects to guide them. Online classes of class 12th are a complete explanation for students to get a more in-depth view into difficult concepts previously taught in offline classes. At TPLive, we offer the most extensive subject-wise online classes for class 12 students.

We provide CBSE Class 12 Maths online tuition, CBSE online classes for 12th Science, Online Class 12 Physics, Online Class 12 Chemistry, CBSE online Class 12 English, and Online Class 12 Biology to the students. Furthermore, they can also get a demo class for Class 12 CBSE on the TPLive official website. In addition, when they are preparing for their board exams, they can check the free online test for class 12 CBSE and free online classes for class 12 CBSE, and various other facilities are also provided all over the internet.

Preparation Tips for Online Study

Students are not so much familiar with online education as compare to traditional education. Due to this, they face some difficulties while taking live lectures. Students must know the ways to cope up with these difficulties.

Here, we provide some of the preparation tips for the online study that helps the students for clearing the CBSE 12th board exam.

  • Choose a quiet place before taking live lectures.
  • Watch recorded lectures for those topics in which you have any queries.
  • Join online test series and solve mock test papers.
  • Visit the official site of CBSE and check the latest NCERT syllabus to confirm the topics that come in the exam.
  • Solve last year's question paper to understand the pattern and the difficulty level of the exam.

Bottom Line

TPLive is an online education platform with expert faculty from top universities all over the nation. We give CBSE live One-on-One classes to the students that arise in our online batches, which include online video chat and a whiteboard. Both the teacher as well as the student can easily communicate with each other with the help of the video chat, and you can inscribe on the given whiteboard.

We give online classes for high school and college students concerning all subjects. Teachers, in addition to teaching theories, will also personally advise students in academic and co-curricular areas.

CBSE One to One Live Classes:

  • Personal integrative live class by Kota expert.
  • Doubt removal session
  • All test / DPP / study material provide Kota based system
  • Recording of every session available
  • Key concept and formula sheet included
  • Get access to the faculty class notes and slides

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