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Best Faculty Of Physics Olympiad In Kota

If you seem for Olympiad exam preparation teachers in Kota for academic enrichment, TPLive can help. We have experienced teachers and trainers who can assist you in taking classes and lessons for Olympiad exam preparation tutors for academic prosperity. One-to-one and group class options are available, both near your location and online. Students can view profiles of teachers and coaches detailing their qualifications, teaching techniques, expertise, hourly rates, and availability. Post your need for free and find an excellent tutor.

TPLive provides the best Physics Olympiad coaching online in India. It helps school students to find maths or science (or the subject they are targeting) in an interesting way. Offered by ex-IITians and extremely qualified and experienced teachers, the Olympiad Coaching Program is a solid building block for students who have a passion for science.

Online Olympiads Coaching by TPLive

  • Ex-IITians and Extremely qualified Tutors – As we all know, IIT conducts an extremely competitive examination to choose the best minds from India and prepare them to shine in whatever they do. At TPLive, we have a mighty team of over 100 ex-Titians who share the passion to pass on this education legacy to students while they are still young and have the power to learn better. Every tutor on our panel is chosen after many rounds of stringent subject tests and trained on a daily basis to be updated about the Olympiad syllabus and pattern and the latest teaching aids and technology developments, which they can use for their students.
  • Live one-to-one Virtual Classes -As for Olympiad training, TPLive currently grants only one-to-one sessions where you get the complete attention of your tutor. These live virtual classes enable you to communicate in real-time with your teacher utilizing a chatbox, hear them speak and discuss with them, and solve problems with them utilizing the computer screen as an interactive whiteboard.
  • Holistic Study Material –One of the most essential elements of the program, Olympiad study material has been prepared by former IIT professors and IIT alumni to comprise the whole syllabus in an easily digestible manner. It is composed in simple English and to-the-point approach.
  • Unique Test Series – A team of 20 ex-Titian and ex-IIT professors conducts a detailed analysis of the Olympiad pattern, syllabus, and trends and prepares a unique set of 10 tests for your class and level of the Olympiad in which you are regarding enter. Regular tests are also conducted every Saturday for you to practice and assess your progress. The percentile rank of the students is also declared on the basis of how the students perform in comparison to other students enrolled in similar programs at TPLive.
  • Flexible Class Timings – Classes are usually scheduled after school hours as per the convenience of the students and teachers.
  • Recordings of Live Classes – Scholars never miss the classes at TPLive. Whenever you miss a class, we save links to class recordings in your account. You can access it as many times as you want during or after the course. These also prove to be excellent resources for revision.

Why Join Us?

Today's world is very ambitious that the students are constantly looking for something where teachers can describe the theories better to secure their concept clear and strong. This will help them to examine the competition and always visit ahead.

Therefore, motivating the students along with building a sound base is the slogan of our Live Olympiad classes.

Our unique features:

  • We are the leading company in India to begin Live Olympiad Classes, which concentrate on Olympiad preparation.
  • A demo and interaction session is also organized with the students and parents before starting the classes so that they can understand the Olympiad classes in detail.
  • The courses are given a nominal fee so that all the students can avail the benefits of the lectures.
  • Students always see for teachers who can easily understand the subject. Hence, we have teachers with appropriate backgrounds and experience who know the differences of Olympiads and can also teach them to the students in an effective manner.
  • We are constantly seeking to make classes better with frequent feedback from students as well as parents

Is It Possible To Take Physics Olympiad Lessons Online?

At TPLive, you can study physics Olympiad online with a private tutor. If you need help revising your Class 12 exam, struggling with homework, or just want to enhance your physics abilities, our teachers can help you.

To discover convenient online classes, simply insert your subject criteria into the search engine and choose the webcam filter to view the available teachers who are recently trying online courses in your wanted subject.

Online courses through webcam give you more advantages. You can design your classes according to your schedule, and online lessons are usually less costly because the teacher doesn't require to travel.


Q1. How are the students ranked in the Olympiad exams?

A1.All the participants were ranked based on marks secured by them in the examination and their individual accomplishments. On the announcement of outcomes, students are provided a Student Performance Report (SPR) which gives a detailed analysis of the student's performance.

Q2. How can tutors help students improve their score and skills in Physics Olympiad?

A2. There are many ways in which students can improve their skills in the Physics Olympiad. But the proficient Physics Olympiad teachers at TPLive can help:

  • Provide genuine difficulties improving students' approach to engage with Physics Olympiad.

  • Foster inquiry and take time for curiosity

  • Build confidence in the student.

  • Provide a positive attitude regarding Physics Olympiad.

  • Maintain conceptual information over the process.

Q3. How Do I Enter Physics Olympiad?

A3. To enter the Physics Olympiad, you have to appear for the Physics exam of the Indian Talent Olympiad. The company held both offline and online Olympiads. The International Physics Olympiad, commonly known as IPO, is open to scholars from class 1 to 12 class. Students can register through their specific schools or participate in person. There is no requirement to apply for this exam. Students can reach their maths tutor by the website of the Indian Talent Olympiad or can also enroll for the weekly test series.

Q4. Can Olympiad give physics after 12th?

A4. Yes, all the scholars of class XII or below (science stream) are qualified to look for NSE. A student can appear for more than one Olympiad according to the exam schedule. Students who have passed class 12 are not eligible.

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