TPLive is one of the best educational institutes renowned for its excellent education. The name of TPLive is known to each student, teacher, and a person compared to academics for a noble cause directly or indirectly. Our students are proud to share with the world that they have acquired their knowledge and skills from TPLive. TPLive is a famous, result-oriented coaching institute in Kota, Rajasthan. It implements preparation classes for IIT-JEE. We give a perfect learning portal for IIT candidates by the team of excellent intelligent, well-educated, and profoundly experienced faculty members to impart quality education. The highly promoting and competitive environment of the institute assures that every doubt of the students is cleared.

Our Top Faculties

Dheeraj Benjamin
Division JEE/NEET
Experience 20 Year
Qualification B.Tech
Specilisation HOD of Physics
Neeraj Pareta
Division Foundation
Experience 9 Year
Qualification M.Tech
Specilisation Assistant Professor

Why is this the best place to learn Physics for Future Doctors or Engineers?

Several years of Teaching Experience in Top Coachings of Kota

From teaching the concepts every student understands to keep it motivated throughout the year, we have over several years of experience for this. And recognize, teachers only get better with experience.

We know how to explain tough Physics concepts easily

No two students are alike. We always keep this in mind while planning our teaching method. From conceptual learning to working with the student's pace, we make sure no one is left behind.

We only teach Physics, and we do it really well

Firstly, we learned the concepts of physics itself. Then we cleared the entrance exam. Then we began teaching the students and successfully helped them to clear their entrance exams. Well, we know this subject very well.

We were students once

Each and every student proceed through their own journey while preparing for the entrance exam. We have been there and can recognize a student's thoughts. If they require any aid or are doubtful, we recommend them and clear all doubts.

We believe in teaching by concepts

Physics is a concept-driven subject. We plan our curriculum which relies massively on conceptual knowledge. This means that our scholars do not study physics for an exam but to utilize it throughout their lives.

We believe in hard work

Here students get online lectures to doubt clearing sessions to test series of various difficulty levels, we make every effort to prepare you for any Physics question, which is asked in your entrance exam.

About Physics tuitions for 11 12th classes

Physics Tuition for Classes 11th and 12th in Kota provides proper practice and theoretical tutoring to the students of class 11th and 12th based on the syllabus offered by their respective board of education. The teachers and qualified faculties aim to give personalized home tutoring by planning a disciplined curriculum to cover the whole syllabus on time. They design the curriculum depending on the capability of the student. After selecting the best tuition classes from the schedule of Tuition classes for classes 11th and 12th given in the website list, the faculty members will do their utmost to train the students to face the challenges of the final examinations with full confidence. Students enrolled in tutoring classes are provided proper practice in Kinematics, Units & Measures, and many other subjects in the Physics syllabus for better performance and score in Physics. As classes 11th and 12th determine a student's future, it is helpful to enroll in one of the major physics tuition classes.


The perfect comprehensive learning approach

Our innovative education solutions have transformed the theory of a wide approach in IIT JEE and Medical Coaching classes.

The pool of Renowned Faculty Members

Our team consists of profoundly qualified members, retired IIT professors, doctorates, IITians, and most famous professors from the medical domain.

Interactive Classroom Learning & Support Model

Our classroom design is interactive and is constantly evolving to accommodate individual requirements by giving abundant mental stimulation.

Unique & Innovative Library System

Apart from books, our faculty members are available round the clock in the library for doubt-solving and personalized learning.

Student-Centric Approach Aiming Holistic Learning

Our student-centered approach intends at the well-being of the learners, allowing them to study at their own comfort and satisfaction.

Testing, Assessment & Feedback Mechanisms

Our topic-wise tests, key tests, and accurate feedback device aid students to understand their level of knowledge.

Is it possible to take physics lessons online?

At TPLive, you can study physics online with a private tutor. If you need help revising your Class 12 exam, struggling with homework, or just want to enhance your physics abilities, our teachers can help you.

To discover convenient online classes, simply insert your subject criteria into the search engine and choose the webcam filter to view the available teachers who are recently trying online courses in your wanted subject.

Online courses through webcam give you more advantages. You can design your classes according to your schedule, and online lessons are usually less costly because the teacher doesn't require to travel.

Features and Benefits for NEET Online Courses

Online Live Classes: Students can do online coaching for Physics at their home rather than roaming to another city for the Physics preparation. TPLive institute provides online coaching for the students. It also gives all the details about cracking the NEET or IITexam, NEET or IIT study material, mock test, etc. They are experienced tutors with years of online teaching experience and help students crack the IIT or NEET exam.

Recordings of Classes: TPLive provides recorded video lectures to the students that help them in the future to revise any of the topics at any time and easily do a preparation just before the examination. If they miss the class, then, later on, they watch the recorded lecture of the particular day.

Hard Copy Study Material: TPLive provides study material to all the students that modules that include Physics, Chemistry, and Biology will be sent to the student's postal address by courier. These modules will comprise the whole topics of your physics exam, a variety of questions, and practice papers.

Online Test Series: Students should do daily practice to solve the online mock tests to clear the NEET exam at the ease of their residence. It helps them to analyze their weaker areas and also helps to know the time management.

Personal Attention and Focus: TPLive gives full attention to a student in IIT or NEET one on one online classes as you see that one tutor will teach only one student in the class. The schedule will prepare by the expert faculty members that includes test series, lecture time, etc. The student's weekly report is sent to parents and students, which helps them analyze their child's overall performance and improvement.

Time Saving and Economical: Through TPLivephysics online classes, students save traveling time and effort, which they put in searching for a room. Now, students don't need to shift anywhere to get the top quality coaching for Physics preparation for IIT or NEET. TPLive provides the top quality education to the student at their own premises.

Proper Monitoring and Feedback: With the help of the online education portal of TPLive, parents can easily keep their eyes on their child's performance and growth. The physics classes will be held in the evening time at their own premises. And parents can also examine the recorded classes anytime to verify the improvement and participation of the students.

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