Qualified Math Tutors are easy to come back but to find the best math tutors in Kota you don’t require to search further. TPLive connects you to the best maths faculty in Kota that provides math classes with highly professional maths tutors at a reasonable fee. All the maths tutors who are teaching at TPLive are experts with many years of experience. They are here to assist you in solving the problems of mathematics by providing you with lots of tricks and tips that help you in expertise the basics and other parts of mathematics. Don’t look anywhere else cause the best math tutors in Kota are all available right at the click of a button. TPLive coaching centers are top of the class. You will be taught by some of the best math experts from all over India with a good teaching and educational background.

TPLive is one of the best online coaching institutes across the nation for the preparation of competitive examinations. All tutors are profoundly qualified with long years of teaching experience. That executes their teaching more goal-oriented. Another perspective that makes this institute separate from others is its realistic or you can say practical approach to teaching. It has pledged by itself that they modify the students into a developed personality. TPLive prepared the students to challenge not only for the competitive exams but also help them to achieve their dream. In the online learning here, we enhanced the students with, especially created study material. Mock tests are an essential part of online classes, and the solutions are assessed according to the standards of competitive examination. Teachers give effective feedback to the student for their performance.

Why TPLive?

TPLive goes ahead with the learning methodology and makes the students challenging to face the IIT JEE exam. Our faculty give equal attention to each and every student, so they need to understand a topic and the concept better.

How TPLive works?

TPLive helps the student to overcome the fear of math in its entirety. We prepare our syllabus by doing thorough study and make out the synopses from across the nation. The intention is to prepare this syllabus is to help them to learn the basic logic behind the math questions. We provide online classes to the students and provide DPPs and take a weekly test to analyze the student's performance.

Our Excellence


We are a team of energetics who have to make an atmosphere joyful for the students. It helps them study math as reasoning through that they promote each other to rise above, and all the students are involved in solving queries every day.


Staying a specialist is another creation to us. It means you can believe the person attached to you to be intelligent, able do-gooders.


As we all know that we come from different backgrounds and it increases our strength is to be obtainable that helps the faculty to deliver their lectures to the students in a simple way.


We have thought of a world saturated with invulnerable problem-solvers powered by mathematical mindsets, and we devoted them to help the students to achieve their dream.

What are the Quality in a Math Teacher

An excellent math teacher always asks a question: When you envision a gleaming math tutor, you apparently think of someone who can easily solve any question, but it’s also essential to get math help with a tutor who asks questions. They should ask the questions to recognize the aspects that how much math is more challenging for the student and which are the most comfortable way to learn it, why the student is trying to get the extra help, and finally give lessons that will thoroughly explain them with the material they require to study.

A well Trained personalized supervision that provides absolute perception, which is necessary for math learning, a renowned math teacher can easily accommodate this sort of learning experience.


Q1. Why should I prefer TPLive coaching classes for mathematics?

A1. TPLive is one of the best coaching institutes across the nation. It also has a team of highly qualified and experienced mentors who never neglects to explain themselves if it comes to a student's career.

Q2. How students can take admission in the TPLive?

A2. Students can get admission online from everywhere through TPLive website or mobile app. It will not only save their precious time, and also save their money too by getting cashback and heavy discounts. If you want to go for offline admission, then you need to visit our institute.

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